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Literally never gone to sleep this happy before in my life :)

It’s amazing how one thing can change the way you live your life and alter your lifestyle, as well as making you realise how lucky most of us are and all we do is take advantage if it

Just finished a Skype call at 3:30am that lasted 3 hours….awesome! :)

Aaaahh life!

So I’ve been asked to star in a music video for the ‘schoolies’ that come into college on Wednesdays and typically for teenage girls it’s a romantic love story bullshit thing and involves some passionate kissing in the rain for about a minute or so,but luckily for me my female co-star is a beautiful young lady UNBELIEVABLY HOT AS SHIT! I’M TALKING MICHELLE KEEGAN OVER HERE!

I may come across as a vulgar git here but..

I don’t care


"Who’s Newton?

The Pirate Planet - season 16 - 1978

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